Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Review// Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Salt Spray

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I have been a fan of salt spray for a while now, I have very fine and soft hair, which may sound like a good thing, but not for me, I like to wear my hair messy and texturised which for me is very hard to achieve, I like the effortless beach look and my hair is so naturally soft and straight it just doesn't stay.  I have tried a few different drug store salt products and many products that claim to give you the beach effect (I am addicted to dust it which I will blog about one day soon) but it is only now that I have found one I want to tell the world about.

I first heard about this salt spray from the lovely Zoella and when she described it as giving your hair "brilliant texture" I knew I had to buy it.  I got it from Feel Unique for about £13.50 which has actually turned out to be a bargain cause I use it most days and still have plenty left over one month on.  Its actually a little cheaper now, click here to buy.

Basically, it does 'exactly what it says on the tin' it adds lots of texture to your hair allowing you to achieve that beachy wave look, even when my hair is straight if I spray a little on and scrunch it in my hands it gives a nice messy effect.  

What I love most about this product is that it gives volume and texture without making your hair sticky or giving it that 'too much product used' look that I hate.  If i use it right on the root of my hair it has a similar affect to dust it powder.

I recommend this product to anyone with very straight hair who wants a disheveled/messy/beachy look without having to cut choppy layers.  I do not recommend it to anyone who wants that silky smooth shiny hair look.  Go on..Mess it up a little.

If you use this please let me know what you think via comment or Twitter, also I love TIGI so if you have any favourites from the brand share your thoughts. 

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  1. Ooh I'll have to try this, I use one at the minute [not sure which..it's in a green bottle?! that makes my hair mega sticky x