Friday, 14 December 2012

A Very Soap and Glory Christmas

I don’t know if this applies to everyone, but for me and my family there is always one thing we get every year at Christmas, no matter what.  For my mum its slippers from M&S, for my dad it’s a fancy new belt, for my brother its mint matchsticks and for me it’s a Soap and Glory gift set.  Guess who the spoilt one in the family is.
This year i have been to Boots various times to study the variety of gift sets on offer from the brand, which by the way I am so in love with, not only is the packing interesting and quirky but the actual products are amazing.  I have seriously grown to love the make up range also, which I intend to blog about in the future.

On my 5th trip to Boots, things got a little crazy as S+G only went and announced their annual HALF PRICE offer, so I rang Santa (my mum) and asked if my favourite gift had been purchased, when she said no I said "ok I will get it for myself because the excitement is too much for me to walk away".

Since I treated myself to this, I have decided it is my right to chose not to wait until Christmas morning to enjoy, so I present to idea of heaven…

Soap and Glory, Best of All - The ultimate head-to-toe indulgence kit.  (*SCREAMS)// was £60, now £27

With 9 different products and numerous 2013 discount vouchers this amazingness is topped off by coming in a brilliant case, not unlike the one I got last year from the S+G, which is so good for storing all your beauty products and also for carrying all your stuff when going to a friends house to get ready.  The one I got two years ago was a hat box, surprisingly, I don't keep hats in it.

Inside the case you get, 

The Righteous Butter - body butter-   I have used this for 2 years now, its great.
Hand Food - Hand Cream -   So handy to keep in your handbag on at your desk in work
Sugar Crush- body scrub-   smells amazing and so good at exfoliating and removing old fake tan
Clean on me- shower gel-  I also use this as bubble bath
Smoothie Star- body milk -   I have not yet tried this, but it smells so good
Heel Genius- foot mask-   Il be honest, I hate feet so I give this to my mum every year
Peaches & Clean - cleansing milk-   again smells amazing, great at cleansing and removing make up 
Sexy Motherpucker -lip plumper in punch bowl -   I LOVE this, I have no lips so its great for me, I have only ever used nude so I am so glad to now have a new colour
Thick & Fast - super volume mascara-   SO excited to try this as I know the S+G make up range is good, I will be sure to blog about this.

I have pictured the three products I am most excited about using.

OK that was a chatty post, I am off to pamper myself silly….and I think you should too....go see more Soap and Glory gift sets here and treat yourself or someone you love who likes to share.



  1. Ahh so jealous, my Boots was sold out :( Enjoy!x

  2. The perks of living in a small town with a small boots is not many go there :)

  3. i bought this yesterday! i couldnt resist xx