Monday, 3 December 2012

November Favourites

Sooo..I know I'm late and its December and my OCD is shouting at me right now but I'm a busy girl, so happy December everyone, here are my NOVEMBER favourite buys.

Johnson's Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes - I am OBSESSED with Johnson's make up wipes, they are by far the best face wipes I've ever used in my life...I sound dramatic, but its true!  The mean thing I love about them is how moist they are, I hate when wipes dry out so much that I feel i need two to fully wipe my face, there is not chance of that happening with these.  As I have quite sensitive skin I thought i would try these fragrance free ones, to be honest they do exactly the same job as any of the other wipes from Johnson's except they don't really smell as nice, they just kind of smell like nothing. 

Boots Vitamin E eye cream - I am getting old...lets not talk about it...but I am and so naturally I am beginning to obsess about lines around my eyes, I also suffer from sleepy looking eyes, so I saw this little eye cream in boots and it was only around £2.99 I think so i thought why not?  I have been using it for a month now and can't say I see a hugh difference but I like it, I feel I am doing my eyes some good on a daily basis by feeding them vitamins.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Firming Butter - Ok, this is amazing.  I am a hugh fan of the whole cocoa butter range and think every girl needs to try it, the smell is unreal and you will want to lick your skin, warning, other people may also want to lick your skin.  This firming lotion has been amazing, I'm using it on my thighs every day and its worked wonders. BUY IT!!

Soap and Glory Pulp Fiction Body Scrub- this is my favourite body scrub of all time, I buy it again and again and again, it smells fruity and really does give your skin a proper scrub, it is brilliant and taking off fake tan and leaves you feeling so soft.

Benefit Cha Cha Tint- I love winter, and I strangely love the winter look, what I mean by this is having pale skin (I've no choice there) and reddened cheeks like you just came in from the cold, this is why i buy this product, it stains my cheeks a lovely colour of coral.  I also think it looks amazing on my lips cause I am loving peach lips at the minute.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow Liner - you may have seen this in my 'Contents: My Face' post a while back, it is one of my favourite new find ever and I don't go a day without putting it on.  Its  perfect as a shadow or as a liner, its so shimmery and natural in colour if you like having a pale subtle eye.  I have had this since the summer, used it every day and it is not even half used.  AMAZING!!!

Last but not least...

Topshop Highlighter Sunbeam - When i was in London recently i decided i wanted to have shiny cheeks (as you do) as my face is very naturally matte, so i picked this up and i am so glad i did, it gives my cheeks and any other areas i may use it on a lovely gold shimmer, one thing i would say is next time i am going to try and get a lighter one so its more white/silver looking.

Sorry that was a long read, took longer than I thought, I hope you liked my November favourites.  Leave me links to yours and I will have a read.

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  1. Great Faves doll. Love the Benefit products :)xx