Sunday, 17 February 2013

Boots Haul

Just wanted to do a quick post to show some products from an unexpected Boots haul today.  I will blog about most of these products as they are all things I have been wanting to try, but for now, heres a sneak peak at what I got.

Johnson's Daily Essentials Face Wipes - These are a must have for me, I am never without a pack, they are by far the best facial wipes available.

Nails Inc Save the Nail- Wet look top coat- I am excited to try this, it is meant to give a high gloss finish and stop chipping

Toni&Guy Classic Medium Hold Hairspray - Because I always need hairspray and this brand has never let me down

Toni&Guy Prep Volume Plumping Mousse - I need some serious volume to my thin flat hair, I have been let down by most products of this sort recently so Im excited to try this

Charles Worthington Front Row Salt Spray - I love my current TIGI Salt spray but it is about to run out to on my best friends recommendation I am going to give this one a try

Love Nicci xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

February Favourites

I know Feb isn't over year but I already know my favourites...this is the organisation queen inside of me. Here goes...

Denman Curling Brush - I have always loves Denman brushes they are quite frankly a classic, I got this curling brush for I think about £7 basically because I needed a round brush and it is a very handy size that will fit into my bag when easily.  So far so good with this brush, it is light and adds a little volume to my roots when I can be bothered to use it properly.

Nivea Express Hydration Primer - I did a blog post on this yesterday because it is so good it needed its own.  I recommend this to more here.

Accessorize hair clips - I normally wouldn't include something as simple as clips in my favourites because a hair clip is a hair clip right?...wrong...I am very fussy about 'kirby' grips, I always feel like they are to weak to hold my hair, even tho it is so fine, so I can only imagine hoe annoying it might be for people with thick hair.  I spotted these in Accessorize for £2, a little pricey, but worth it, they are strong and hold my hair, bravo.

Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream- Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk - This came in my Feb Glossybox and oh my goodness it is amazing, the smell is just gorgeous and it lasts all day, I used it in the morning on my arms and sat in work sniffing myself all day, I even got my boss to smell me, yes I know I'm weird.

Helen E - Colour Magnification Mascara - I just discovered this brand in Debenhams which I was chased down by a lovely and very good at her job sales assistant.  As I am still in love with Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara (read here) I am yet to use this mascara for a night out on its own, however, i have discovered that it is great for bottom lashes, it has a small brush smilier to the popular Clinique under eye mascara mini, so its great for bottom lashes.  This one has brown and black for night to day and is very handy.  I got this as part of a 3 for £10 deal so I am not sure how much it is on its own.

Me Me Me Beat the Blues in Peral Pink - This also came in my Feb Glossybox- I am so impressed with this, I use Benefit High Beam at the minute as my highlighter and to be honest this kicks its ass. You need to try to believe.

Hope you liked my favourites, all well worth a purchase.

Love Nicci xx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Review// Nivea Moisturising Primer

Ever since I saw this product advertised on TV a couple of months ago I have been dying to try it but I was waiting until my Nars primer was done so I could give it my full attention.

I generally don't believe in 2 in 1 products, so when I heard about a moisturiser that is also a primer I was sceptical but excited, becuase lets face it, that would kill two birds with one stone and certainly speed up the early morning make up routine.

As I have mentioned before, I cannot stress enough how important it is to moisturise in order to allow make up to do its job, I also cannot stress enough the importance of using a primer to allow make up to stay in place for as long as possible, I know soooo many girls who dont prime their face before applying make up and It is such a waste, this had the potential to be my dream product, and guess what, it is!

This product has everything you want from it, its light, it drys super fast, it leaves your skin feeling soft, it smells lovely, its cheap (compared to my usual Nars £25 primer) and it lasts.  I think the fact that it is a primer reminds me to use it every morning, I am no saint and there are mornings where I forget to moisturise or I simply dont have time but with this product it just sits with my make up and I never forget to use it, the fact that is dries so quickly is great because I can apply my make up just 5 minutes after I use it.

I got the dry skin version of this because over winter I felt like my face was a little drier than normal and it fixed this issue after about 3 uses which is great.

I am so happy with Nivea, they have always been my favourite brand for moisturisers and I am most definately going to recommend this product and continue to buy it, it has given me hope for 2 in 1 products once again.

This is a must have!!

Love Nicci xx

Monday, 11 February 2013

Things I did This Week...

1.  Bought a very funny birthday card
2.  Realised how tall I actually am
3.  Watched 'Girls' the best show EVER!
4.  Used an app to make Harry Styles kiss me, cause I can
5. Admired clouds that looked like candy floss
6.  Listened to a lot of Oasis
7.  Got the train with bestie Emma
8. Got red hair again
9. Loved naked people