Friday, 4 January 2013

The Sweet Smell of Escada

Happy New Year everyone, and with a new year always comes a new smell, it is without a doubt the go to Christmas present for most girls.

My lovely mother bought me 'Especially Escada Delicate Notes' because she knows me better than myself and she knows that I love sweet, floral perfumes as apposed to citrus scents.  I just had to blog about this product and share my love for it.

I am quite loyal to perfumes, when I find one I like I will stick to it for a while, previously i was hooked on Amour Amour by Cacharel and then a DKNY perfume that i stole from my mum for about 5 years.  However, for about the past year I haven't really found a perfume I loved and wanted to stick with, but things have changed, I've found my match.

I am in love with this scent and I recommend it to anyone who loves floral smells, its light and sweet and very girly, ironically for me, nothing like my personality or style, i don't even like sweet foods, but this is one sweetness I cannot resist.

My top tip when buying a new perfume is to go to the store and spray it on yourself, then go shopping for about 2 hours, if you can still smell it on yourself then its a winner, theres nothing worse than a scent that dies out quickly, thats just a waste of money.

Love Nicci x

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