Monday, 14 January 2013

Bath Time with Sanctuary Spa

I am a MAJOR bath lover, and when i say bath, I mean a proper bath with the full works, bubbles, candles, relaxing music, salts...the lot.

Knowing this about me my lovely mum got me the most amazing gift box from Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden.  As always I am a sucker for good packaging and this box is amazing, I plan to use it to store products and make up brushes etc, I love it.  I have always seen this brand about, my mum used to be a teacher and always got gift sets like this and I would use them up but never really paid attention to them, but in my old age I've become more and more partial the a luxury bath and this gift box is my idea of heaven, and it came with a super sexy shower cap as the cherry on top.

It is going to take me some time to get through all the products so rather than do one very long post on everything I have picked two of them to try first.

Foaming Bath Soak 

This is essentially a bubble bath, which may not sound exciting but for a bath geek like me it is, believe it or not, not all bubble baths are good, however, this one certainly is.  The description on the bottle reads "A mass of creamy bubbles.." and it describes it perfectly.  This product almost looks like a moisturising cream, its a white thick texture, unlike most clear bubble baths, and with just two long squeezes into running water it filled my whole bath with bubbles which made the bath very creamy and left my skin soft rather than dried out from chemicals.

Body Scrub

I like to think of scrubs and exfoliators as one of my area of expertise, partly because I am obsessed with having soft skin and partly because I usually need to remove the weekends fake tan (I cannot stand the wearing off tan process).  This scrub is very good but in a different way than i expected.  When I hear the word scrub I think of a very rough, hardcore scrub, I have previously used Soap and Glory 'Scrub of your life' for years and I adore it because it literally scrubs your skin and leaves almost a new layer.  

This product is much more gentle, therefore I would not recommend it if you are looking to scrub off old skin or tan and have a whole new layer but I would definitely recommend it as a daily exfoliator in your bath or shower.  Using it daily will leave your skin feeling super soft.

I must mention that both products smell amazing, they have that sort of 'spa' smell about them, not too perfumed (which i hate) but just right.

I cannot wait to use the rest of these products, in particular, the salt scrub. 

(I don't have horrible dirty skin I need to scrub off I swear, i just love a good wash )

Love Nicci xx

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