Saturday, 19 January 2013

Review// No7 Nails combo

This is my first nails post (i think) and I am surprised it has taken me this long as I am so nail polish obsessed.  I do my nails at least once a week and I have about 5 top brands, Essie, Models Own, Nails Inc, Topshop and No7.

At the minute, I am loving light coloured pastel or nude nails, so this morning I set off in search of a new colour, which is usually impossible as I have most colours and sometimes two of the same one, but today was a success, armed with my Boots No7 £3 off voucher (I love the way Boots always give these out) I picked up this lovely shade from the No7 Stay Perfect range.

The original price of this nail polis is £6.00, which I think is such a bargain for this brand as their polishes really are great.  The name of this shade is 'Get Wed', which, as a lover of names, disappointed me slightly.  When I was applying it I was thinking, this is pearl coloured, it has to be called 'pearl' it is an ivory/white type colour with a little shimmer in it, but not too much shimmer, and I thought i had this name guessing game cracked, but then I looked at the name and suddenly thought, oh now it reminds me of a bride...and I am not a bride!

Anyway, name aside, Stay Perfect is great range, heres why,

  • The brush is brilliant, its thick and fat and if you press it down at the bottom of your nail it spreads out so you can drag it up and cover your whole nail in one go
  • If you are in a rush, you can do with one coat, I myself always apply two coats because I am a perfectionist, but if you don't have time No7 nail polishes look just fine with only one coat
  • It dries relatively quickly - now I'm not an expert on this, to be honest its never been a swaying factor for me with nail polishes, I think, if I like the brand enough I will be patient and make time to wait for my nails to dry...but if you are in a rush, from what I can tell they only take aroun 5 mins to dry
  • IT DOESNT CHIP (much) - newsflash, all nail natural nail polishes chip, thats life, but there are some that just last that little longer than others and No7 Stay Perfect is one of them
As I bought this, along with song other things, the shop assistant handed me ANOTHER voucher, so I had to go over and buy the 'Stay Perfect Base Coat' - I would never paint my nails without a base coat, I'm all about protection.  This is the only base coat I think I've ever used because I've never had any complaints about it and 'if it aint broke don't fix it'!

The only down side to this range is that they don't have a majorly big colour selection, at least in my local Boots they don't, I would love to see more from them, apart from that, it is definitely worth a buy, especially this PEARL shade.

Love Nicci xx

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