Sunday, 18 November 2012

Review // Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation 150 // Building the foundations

This is my final post - for now- on the current foundations I use religiously, and this one is about what I refer to as my 'party foundation'.  I call it this because it is my go-to foundation for any night out.

I came across Illamasqua about two years ago by accident in Debenhams, the concession visually looked very interesting so I stopped for a look and a nice sales girl talked me into trying a sample (I will never buy an expensive foundation without trying a sample for a week), I tried it that night which was a Saturday and happened to turn out very messy with me staying out until 6am Sunday morning, as I stubbled home from my night out I was pleasantly surprised to find my face still in tact.  I went back to the shop 2 days later to buy it, I was committed.

I am told this brand was originally used and loved by make up artists for stage performers, this immediately makes me think "if its used for the stage, it must be long lasting" and that thought would be correct.

I have never come across any foundation that stays in place for as long as this one.  The 'Rich Liquid Foundation' provides maximum long lasting coverage, this would make you think, like others that claim to do this, that it will look and feel very heavy, but surprisingly it doesn't at all.  It is light.

There are literally so many good aspects to this product that I could write forever.  It is a bargain compared to other high end foundations - just £25.00 for one bottle which will last at least 5/ 6 months- even if you use on a daily basis, the tiniest bit will cover your whole face. 

The consistency of this make up is like no other, its has a sort of 'paste like' feeling to it, which may not sound attractive but it is the only way I can think to describe what it does, you squeeze a tiny bit onto your finger or brush (i recommend using your fingers to apply to get the most from it) and apply to your face and you will see this tiny blob spread across your whole face literally making any blemishes vanish in an instant.  Sounds magic right? it feels magic too.

If you are a little scared by all this, Illamasqua do have an alternative called 'Light Liquid Foundation' which I have tried and is also great, it is a little less intense, but it just doesn't have the same wow factor as this one.

This foundation leaves you feeling and looking absolutely flawless for a long time, My personal tip would be when removing to wash your face twice as much as you normally would cause it can be harder to remove, which is expected if its going to keep you looking air-brushed all night.  

The Illamasqua website is brilliant, they always offer good discount to customers and when you order products they arrive in a sleek black box with shredded paper inside making it feel like a lovely little gift.  My next stop to the site will be to try their primer which I haven't yet done, the offer a great service called 'Create your own foundation set' which allows you to buy a primer and foundation together for a discounted price.

Cannot speak highly enough of my experience with this brand, I plan to keep purchasing and experimenting with the range.

To give a visual, the final picture I have attached is of my and my bestie Kim (who is an amazing fashion blogger that you can find at here) on a recent night out, it is an end of the night photo in a very sweaty hot club, believe me I had wiped my forehead various times and my foundation is still in place and looking acceptable, if i do say so myself.  Please note the dirty make up mark on my shoulder is not from my own face, I hugged someone not using a very good foundation :)

The proof is in the pudding!

PS.. I use number 150 as my shade, I have quite fair skin so it is pale but as it is my 'party foundation' the 150 is a little darker than my normal choice.

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