Saturday, 17 November 2012

Nars // Sheer Glow Foundation in Fiji // Building the Foundations

I am quite new to Nars, unforgivable i know, I bought the foundation on a recent shopping trip to Manchester, and I have fallen in love, not only with the foundation, but with the brand.  I plan to blog about many more Nars products so watch this space.

This foundation does "exactly what it says on the tin", gives you a sheer glow.  As I said in my previous foundation post, my daily foundation is quite matte which I am a lover of but recently I have found myself craving the slight dewy look that some girls have, having slightly de-hydrated skin I have no hope of achieving this look naturally so when I found this foundation it was a match made in heaven.

Sheer glow is very light and feels like silk going on, Nars have done the impossible and created a light feeling foundation with full coverage that lasts the day.  I would recommend this foundation to anyone who's skin may not be tolerant enough for the heaviness of some others and anyone who wants a subtle glory satin finish look.  This product is £29.50 but is very worth it and will last around 3 months.

My own personal tip is to mix a little sheer glow in with any other foundation you may use for a certain occasion and zombie the best aspects of both.  For nights out I mix Sheer Glow with what I call my 'partying foundation' which I will blog about tomorrow.  

I am obsessed with primers, so while I was at Nars I decided to try one of theres.  For a few years I have been using Smashbox primer but it is very expensive so I decided to go for something different.  I got the Pro Prime- Multi-Protect Primer at £24.00.  First thing that stood out to be about it was that it looks and feels like a moisturiser, the primers I had been used to had more of a gel like appearance.

This primer is again really light, absorbs really quickly and feels like a moisturiser but it does everything a primer needs to, creates a smooth complexion and helps your make up to stay in place.  It is a great partner to the sheer glow foundation. 

To sum up, I think everyone should try this foundation, it is so worth the money and you will not be sorry.

look out for my final foundation post (for now) tomorrow on my favourite 'party foundation'.


  1. I'd love to try this, my skin is sallow to say the least so it sounds perfect. Think I'll have to pop it on the Xmas list!x

  2. Thanks for the follow Celia, def try this, you won't be sorry xx

  3. Ive been wearing Nars Sheer Glow in Fiji for the past few years and still love it. The perfect amount of coverage and great finish on my usually dry skin:)

    Sara xx New Follower

  4. Thanks Sara, also following you xx