Tuesday, 19 March 2013

"That's why her hair is so big...it's full of secrets"

I have been a bad blogger! Apologies for the lack of posts, but I have been busy trying lots and lots of products, mainly hair products, so here is the first of my many future hair posts.

As you may know if you read my blog I often complain about having soft, flat hair.  Its thin but I have lots of it, so thickening shampoo etc doesn't really solve my problem, for this reason I look to many 'big hair' promising products.  All I want is big, messy, matte hair, is that too much to ask for?

My search has recently brought me towards four products which I would like to share with you all.  I dedicate this post to one of my favourite movies, Mean Girls, hence the title.  I have many secrets and I want my hair big enough to store them all!

WARNING: only use these products if you really do like the matte messy rough look, otherwise you will feel like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards and be shampooing for hours!!

Toni and Guy Prep - Volume Plumping Mousse- Root Boosting

I bought this product because years ago I used to use a Toni and Guy mousse and it was so good, I think it has been discontinued as I cannot find it anywhere so I went for this one.  I use it almost every day on towel dried hair rubbing it in at the roots.

I cannot say that I am in love with this, I think I expected more from it, it definitely does so something to my hair, it takes out the softness I hate that comes from washing it every day (which i have to do cause I love a shower) but I dont feel like it 'plumps' my roots very well.  It ay be worth a buy for people who want a subtle bit of a lift but not those with hair flat to their head like me.  5/10!!

Charles Worthington Front Row - rough and tousled salt spray

I am a lover of salt spray, it is the perfect product for someone like me who wants matte messy textured big hair.  You may have seen my previous post on another similar product (click here) this one is definitely on the same level and is a little cheaper, I think just over £5!  It smells great and does what salt spray should, if i spray it on my roots and play about with it my hair holds a few more secrets! 8/10

Osis - Dust It powder

If you are a big hair lover, you will have heard of this product, and if you have not tried it..WHY NOT??  I cannot praise this enough, it is truly amazing.  Putting this powder on your roots and rubbing it doubles the size of your hair.  The only thing i would say about this is you need to be prepared for messy hair, and you will not like the feel of your hair, its kinda gross and if you sleep with it n it can matte your roots and be a nightmare to shampoo out but really who cares?? for a night out its perfect.

Many brands now have a powder like this and claim it does the same but I am yet to find one as good. 10/10!!

Lee Stafford - My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray

Firstly, how cool is the name of this product, I love it!  Secondly, this is maybe my best find ever.  I found this yesterday, now usually I try out a product for at least a week before I judge it, but with this there is no need, I already think its amazing.

I cannot even describe what this is, in the bottle it looks like a jelly liquid thing, following the instructions it tells me to shake the bottle until it becomes liquid and fills the whole bottle, so it kind of grows...then you spray it on dry hair.

At first it has the feel of a salt spray but its slightly more powerful it really does make your hair big and messy, it also kind of feels like you have sprayed hairspray on your roots.  Its weird but great, my tip is not to use too much and to make sure you spread it throughout your hair with your fingertips and then brush when its dried in so you don't get concentrated clumps of bigness only. 11/10 :)

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